IONTW – August 28, 2016

SHOWERTHOUGHTS! No, not that… what do you think I am? (Wait, don’t answer that!) It’s a subreddit for you to share all those thoughts, ideas, or philosophical questions that race through your head when in the shower.

Showerthought is a loose term that applies to any thought you might have while carrying out a routine task like showering, driving, or daydreaming.

Although, one of the rules is: No puns/wordplay. What?!

It never ceases to amaze me the things people do – no this is in a good way – the creative talents people have, things they make, that sort of thing. You just never know what people are up to. Anyway, finally got to hear randopal Patrick perform with the Fog City Singers, a men’s chorus based in San Francisco. It was a great performance, with a range of pieces from straight up barbershop to pre-barbershop and influences as well as some non barbershop. My paraphrase of the program and the Director’s comments during the show – don’t ask me to explain what makes something barbershop or not though, I didn’t learn that much! Anyway, it was quite amazing how 25 voices can fill a space and how you can feel the music in your body. There was an audience participation before the intermission – the director went through four parts, and had us sing them all together (impressive he could do them all!) – I don’t know how one keeps on your own part when all the other 3 are going on around you! Super fun to see a friend at something he obviously enjoys and excels at!

Also, Jiro, a friend from the Japanese traditional music group Ensohza – he plays a mean shamisen – builds model ships! Here’s his blog: The Ship Modeler of all the sorts of things he does, he’s also done quite a bit specifically on Japanese wooden boats and has started a blog for that, Wasen Modeler. He had a GoFundMe for a research trip to Japan next month, which I was going to share, but it’s been fully funded and closed. WOOHOO! I’m looking forward to seeing his adventure on the blog. I haven’t seen his ships in person yet, but he has had things on display in San Francisco before, so hopefully one of these days I will.

Sacramento Taiko Dan‘s KickStarter for their Illuminance – A Festival of Light! is open for a few more days. About the project: Two years ago, members of the Sacramento Taiko Dan were invited to participate in the All Souls Procession, in Tucson, Arizona.
We were transformed and inspired by the experience, especially given the All Souls Artistic Directors’ commitment to community engagement, with hands-on opportunities for people to create elements of the festival together, and conscious intentions to activate unused and under-utilized public spaces, bringing festival programs directly into them.
It meshed very well with our understanding of traditional matsuri in Japan, where community members work together to prepare for festivals, not just to create an event for other people to attend, but a way of bringing everyone together in celebration.
Plus there was a lot of fire.
Drums & Fire.  DRUMS & FIRE!!! It was amazing.  Seeing our rhythms interpreted and brought to life through the characters Flam Chen created, and through their dazzling and mesmerizing use of fire effects was awesome.  Epic.
We wanted to bring the best of that experience home to Sacramento.

Sonoma State University welcomes its 7th president, Dr. Judy K. SakakiSakaki is the first Asian American woman to lead a four-year institution of higher education in California–and the first Japanese American woman president of a four-year college or university in the country.

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