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More with just folds and cuts and a touch of glue, if one is so inclined. 6 folds, making a 4×4 grid, and then 5 cuts, an I in the middle and then a cut on each edge then what the heck is she trying to tell me to do? I mostly just had to fiddle with it until it became a book. Oh flicker in the memory bank, I think there was a dummy of this form from Maia floating around the old shop. I used a sheet I’d printed on already – a proof – the lighter weight paper was nice for this; there’s also a template lay-out for if you want specific things to show up on particular pages.

This structure was designed by Paul Johnson, and the blurb in Making Handmade Books says he makes these when he travels, draws in them, and leaves them with his host(ess) as a “guest book.” How cool is that?! Oh, also that he’s the author of books on literacy and making books with children. That sounds intriguing!

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2 Responses to Guest Book

  1. judigoldberg says:

    actually lin max had done a book using this, as had then maia, and me.

    • nutMeg says:

      oh that’s right! Thank you, judi. I like how it gives you so many pages out of one sheet, but it would be a lot to keep track if you wanted things in particular places, and then the cutting and folding of it all if you were doing an edition…

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