printing the questions

all inked up and … well yes I do have something else I could print! one at a time? no, both together (later think maybe the thing would have been one one way and one the other but ohwells) and ha, same length line easy lock up and hey the ink color goes with what’s already printed verycool perhaps I even had that in the back of my mind when I was choosing and BOOM right off the bat prints up nicely thankyouverymuch after all that circling round getting back to it the printing goes in a whoosh although as I go along yes bit more ink and also just a tad more impression even better but even the firsts are good … good enough … it’s letterpress right? handmade, yes. and there is a tradition, and the craft of it but don’t get insufferably precious with it

during the workshop judi and Cheryl and I had been chatting about what we were working on and I’d brought up the coming back to this and maybe the not finishing is some of the question not quite comfortable with whose story is this and is it my story to tell? to which Cheryl responded, “It’s an American story ” significant look (inferred more than implied perhaps) “and you’re an American, right?” Yes. For better or worse, and all that means or doesn’t that blue cover passport eagle clutching sheaf of arrows in one claw and the olive branch in the other e pluribus unum

which, yes, some of these could be a one – that is single sheet broadside sorta thing hmn well that doesn’t get me any closer to any bookish finished something or other or even the next step but it’s something

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One Response to printing the questions

  1. judigoldberg says:

    what part isn’t your story to tell compared to which part is your story to tell?

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