Euroadventure 2016! Day 4.0

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Again I’d fallen asleep right away but didn’t sleep through the night, waking up and falling back asleep several times then oh is it time to get up? sure… with no real schedule I was feeling a bit dis-moored from time and the amount of light had no relation to the time of day. Or at least not the usual day/night relation we’re used to in the lower latitudes. The clock said morning though, so I had breakfast. There was no pool due to the holiday, so we played some cards, and I wrote postcards.

Plan was to go to the Viking Festival, but I wanted to check out the Art Center so I left early and walked downtown. I went the same way that we came from the bus stop, then past the swimming pool I thought it was the same way I had come from town the other day but it turned out to be different and I ended up at a neat viewpoint overlook.

From there I continued on to the Art Center. The main exhibit was on the theme of water, but downstairs there was an exhibit of prints from the collection which was a lovely unexpected bonus. It was a very nice space, and in addition to the exhibits it looked like they had workshops and concerts – a great community resource.

The Post Office was closed but I dropped off the postcards in the mailbox and ohhey! Iceland donuts at the bakery in the mall. The ice cream place was open but I was going to meet the others so didn’t stop. I didn’t see them at the one entrance to the Viking Festival so I started walking around to see if there was another. There actually wasn’t, but I did cross paths with the family.

We went over to the town pond, there were kids kayaking and rowing on a section of it. We waited for and then watched the parade. It started with the scouts, then a band then (most of?) the town – folks just walking along. Some of the women are in the traditional Icelandic garb. Móðir said it was big, she seemed a little surprised by the number of people, but it wasn’t quite what I was expecting when I heard parade, both content and size. It was very sweet though, and we saw the host brother-in-law and the youngest of the host nephews.

From the parade we went to the Viking Festival. There were a variety of craftspeople hawking wares and demonstrating the old ways. And, you know those Vikings like a good fight, so there was that too.

In addition to the Viking Festival, there was a festival downtown since it was the National Day. We walked around that – oops the line was too long at the ice cream place – but it was fun to see folks out enjoying the carnival games, jumpy houses, kids rolling around in big inflatable BALLS! (do they make those my size?) climbing the side of an office building, and listening to a band playing in the plaza area.

We returned to the apartment and the host sister and family who also live in Hafnarfjörður came over for well I wanted to call it tea (light midafternoon meal) but not sure that was the right term since we were in Iceland. There was a tasty array of sweet and savory – quiche roll, tuna salad, glazed raisin bread, peaches and cream, and soda, tea and coffee.

There are three host nephews, the oldest just slightly older than WCN – they’d actually met as very small people, but neither remembers – they talked about school and sports, in English. There was also the 10-year old we met day before yesterday, and a four-year old, who’s super energetic and kept WCN busy to the point he said he’s never having kids after they had left.

June 17, 2016

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