Viking Festival!

The Hotel Viking and restaurants Fjörugarðurinn and Valhalla provide Viking-themed meals and lodging year round, plus in June play host to a Viking Festival showcasing all aspects of the culture. The property is set up with tents and transformed into a marketplace with demonstrations and sales of a variety of handicrafts. There are games, music and battle demonstrations. Many of the attendees were also dressed in the traditional garb – it seemed to be a big participatory community like a Renaissance Faire. And folks make the trip specifically to attend the festival! When we were getting our bus tickets to return to Hafnarfjörður the day before the clerk had asked if we were going to the Viking Festival. Well yes, but not until tomorrow. And only since it happens to be going on. Well, not that he’d care one way or the other, but it’s always kinda funny how something that one person will make a special trip for is only a tangential/coincidental event for another. Anyway, another kinda funny thing was that we’d seen some folks in Viking garb at the swimming pool and then we saw them there at the festival. Hey! It’s that dude! Lots to look at, plenty of visual intrigue – I particularly enjoyed the blacksmithing. The battles had their moments also, but pretty sure I’m good on that for a while. But it was neat to see how into it all the participants were.

more photos

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2 Responses to Viking Festival!

  1. Jamie says:

    That is so rad!!

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