Bookmaking Workshop with Lisa Rappoport – continued

After introductions all ’round, Lisa talked about the book form we were going to use, gave a typesetting primer and then we had at it. There was the choosing type faces, and a bit of initial scramble finding cuts, and settling in to spots to work, but the shop was able to accommodate everyone pretty well. There was a bit of discussion about ink color – ended up with a warm sienna-ish(?) to start which later got darkened – two colors without cleaning the press FTW. judi quickly finished her typesetting, so she and Lisa got the press set up and judi printed her book. There was a bit of a lull before anyone else was ready, and then it did end up that there wasn’t enough time for Cheryl and I to print on the day of the class.

However, with some numbers from judi and the template, I was able to get the press set up pretty quickly the next time I was in the shop. Except oops a slight excursion missing the upsidedownbackwards thing but got that sorted so the content fell in the right spots. Hmn… if you were really slick about this you could have a pre-made furniture that took up all the between spaces and always set your pages the same size and drop them in… Oh ink. Toward the orange maybe add some metallic oops those are oil base alrighty then some red – both mixed colors, for what that’s worth – and just a touch of a brown. Yummy! Figuratively – I didn’t actually taste it.

Amount of packing already figured out too, that helped move things along. WHOA! All the way to the end the paper – that’s as long as can be printed on this press – don’t do that too often. Fun to see how the ink looked on the different color papers and OK maybe the hour-glass is a little obvious but I wanted some visual element and ah maybe there was a clock with no hands I’ll have to look for that – kept the type thinking maybe do it as a broadside as well – yes “in the” should get some spacing but not going to futz with it for the book just finished the printing already.

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