More Icelandic yumminess! Rye bread. Not a yeast/risen bread, but dense and moist with a hint of sweetness, it made me think of (Boston) brown bread, or at least my memory of such. The rúgbrauð has a long cooking time at a low temperature. Some places do this by burying it in a geothermally active area, using the earth’s heat. I didn’t get a chance to try any of this, so not sure how much difference that would make in the final outcome (it’s just a heat source, right?) or whether that’s the “traditional” way or something that’s done now for the tourons (yeah, I know, there’s a whole ‘nother debate in there). Anyway, what you could get in the store was darn tasty, especially with the butter of awesome they have there in Iceland. There’s also a flat bread, which is quite thin, and I think also usually made with rye flour. Looking around for recipes later (word is that it’s rather expensive to ship, boo!) one article mentioned that the use of rye comes from the time when Iceland was under a trade monopoly with Denmark – apparently it’s a staple grain for that country. Ohand, speaking of coming across things later, how did I miss this when I was there in Iceland?

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