print in progress – I start – 23 … becoming bookish, the rest of the story

and the sisters to too & fro (which I’d made one as sort of the test/practice/whatever and then I think had judi more in mind when I’d made the second but then I rather liked both of them and couldn’t decide which to part with and so I ended up putting them in bags but she wouldn’t choose either so I mixed them up behind my back and pulled one which now I’m not really even sure whether she got the one I was thinking was for her or not if that even matters) – connective tissue mixed media, letterpress, original text, covers varied limited edition by judi goldberg – I had to ask if she’d had either of us in mind particularly when she was making them or make them and then picked or ? and she, oppositely, had felt she needed to give me the first one and so also that it was more to the point which thinking back to my doing I’m not sure that there was, particularly, a point – other than the doing/making of it and how things seemed to fit together but not that I started with a capital I dea that I was trying to get across to the viewer which maybe wasn’t really what she meant either but a theme somehow or that what was there needed to be a part of it

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One Response to print in progress – I start – 23 … becoming bookish, the rest of the story

  1. judigoldberg says:

    Reblogged this on here.say. and commented:
    it all started as a blank piece of gray paper about 12 x 18 which we worked on over the course of a year or so back and forth

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