Questions 27 and 28

finally – ha. that makes it sound like there’s some kind of plan/time line for this thing, deadline, right, which there isn’t really, except ah, dead, yes, would have to finish it before then. well, either way it would be done. anyway, not to be morbid or anything, but, in the grand scheme of things, there is only so much time. which you don’t want to lose sight of, but you don’t want to get too hung up on it either. anyway, to some lead. setting a bit of text, really not that much, but for me yes, and there is something about it, the doing of it, that is immensely pleasurable and satisfying.

I’d started with Garamond, but then wasn’t sure there’d be enough of the letter a, then cast eyes at Baskerville, but Cheryl’s using that for her book and not sure any of these in the shop is exactly like what’s on the questionnaire anyway but well no it doesn’t need to be so go with the plentiful Erhardt and figure out that if I want the lines to be 27 and then 28 long actually well easier anyway to have a longer line – go with 30 – and block out the extra part and not going to be the same anyway so take the spaces out too makes it harder to read at first that element of confusion and re-read even how many times does it ever make sense slow down pick out each word


that gets on loop in my head ARE you willing are YOU willing are you WILLING areyouwilling are you willing what are you willing I thought I was done with the wood but maybe that phrase or in big metal blind printing somehow fill the page set over and over maybe not letterpress that – the time it would take hmn – and then how to include it maybe now’s the time to start figuring out a structure and what else is going to be in this book/ish/like thing maybe a window/hole partial or behind translucent sheet see but not see whispers constant following you not spoken out loud but always there


am I? is this my story to tell? how does that work, the ownership of the stories, the telling? and the not telling. the not telling, though, then things get lost, and looking the other way is complicity not simplicity except that it’s not that simple or maybe it is. simple. but not easy. if it were easy everyone would be doing it.

after making the little room looking in the table of contents, see how far along I am, not that there’s any time-table for that either, and sections on content and layers catch my eye and dipping in to that – rather than getting to a punch line and being done, layers – either physical or in the text, the reader is more likely to be intrigued and revisit. and then…

Work a little at a time.
There is no one right way.

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