Skyr is a super tasty Icelandic yogurt-like dairy concoction that was a big hit with WCN. Up there with the daily trips to the pool. I quite enjoyed it as well. The host parents would have it with some cream or milk stirred in, which I tried, but it was very smooth and creamy as it was so I didn’t feel the need to augment. Word is it can be desserted up by adding sugar and/or fruit, but I never tried that. I know, who am I and what have I done with myself that I didn’t jump on that?! Traditionally skyr is unflavored, but modern commercial producers now offer it in a variety of flavors. For some, it’s the new Greek yogurt, being a high-protein, low-fat product. However, it may become a victim of its own success. Or, the Icelandic cow may, as this article discusses. Apparently it takes about four cups of milk to make one cup of skyr, and Icelandic cows are not very high yield.
Ah, the ripples and unintended consequences…

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