Little Room Book

next was the little room, from a square sheet, with three folds each direction – or is that creases? – to partition into squares, then cutting an I (or H, as the case may be) in the middle, opens like a cupboard, or shutters, diagonal folds in the corners and then folding in on itself on two sides/walls which there was, for me, a little disconnect between the written instructions and pictures and so I had to just futz with it and yeah not sure how to explain that any better but ended up with Ithink the thing – oh plus glue to get the folded in bits to stay that way although that could be a variation to not to, and there was an official variation in the book to add a pocket to one wall and then that you could fold two sides to make it flat and thenif you fold that at the middle you’d have a traditional/codex type book thing although the paper I used was kinda thick for that and it was already printed so whatever showed up wherever but like anything you could plan decide what goes where and text inside or outside or and oh what about shaping the edges something other than straight?

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