another thing I don’t understand, #238

yelling obscenities at someone for no reason

the back story: I was minding my own business, riding home one evening. Someone in a car going the other way said something in my general direction. Didn’t recognize the car/person, not expecting any interaction, had a bit of a time lag as I realized the guy in the passenger seat was eating pizza and had, I think, asked if I wanted a piece. By this time they were half a block a way anyways, so didn’t seem any point responding. However, they yelled, “HEY F**K YOU B**CH!” at me. What?! Really??? I didn’t feel physically threatened, they kept going on their way to wherever the heck people like that go, but it was a little surreal. I mean how did they arrive at the fact that particular thing needed to be said – there was absolutely no reason for it – and how were they OK with actually saying it?

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2 Responses to another thing I don’t understand, #238

  1. lyn dillin says:

    welcome to being a girl on a bike. I’ve been yelled at while biking from guys in trucks n cars since 1967.

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