Saga Museum

The Saga Museum is a greatest hits highlights tour of Icelandic history with almost creepily lifelike dioramas that you are guided through with an audio commentary. The Lonely Planet description that I came across after we’d been there calls it “endearingly bloodthirsty,” which I thought summed it up pretty well, although not to put anyone off of going, it really is quite informative as well. The story format was actually quite engaging – a noteworthy nugget to me from the execution of Jon Arason, Iceland´s last Catholic bishop, was that he was a poet and had the first printing press in Iceland.

After emerging from the exhibits, there was an area with Viking garb to try on. Yes, we did. As did some other adults visiting the museum, not sure if it was the time we were there or what, it wasn’t jam-packed (fortunately), and there were more adults than kids. Another noteworthy nugget – CHAIN MAIL IS HEAVY. Ok, I know, duh. But seriously. It looks like just a shirt, and sure, that’s just “wire” that it’s woven of, but that wire is metal, and that adds up! It must have been like fighting in jello. Well or they were crazy strong.

There was also a neat video about the making of the museum. They actually cast people! No wonder the figures were so lifelike. Of course there’s also a nice store, and a cafe.

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