J. Paul Leonard Library

San Francisco State is one of those places I’ve been by a bazillion times, always on my way somewhere else and no reason to stop. 19th Avenue traces one edge of the campus, and I’ve seen the University looking buildings and students waiting for public transit, but never gotten beyond that glancing interaction. As with so many things, one slightly different turn – down Holloway in this case, and there you are in a whole different world. It looks like a very nice campus, although I still didn’t get to explore the whole thing, since we were meeting people at the Library. The building is six stories of cool greys and greens of concrete and glass angles – clean, perhaps a bit stark, but not uninviting. Inside the main entrance is a cafe and gathering space, and the library spaces also seem fairly friendly. AND!!!! Beyond the regular collection, there are the two gems of the Frank V. de Bellis Collection and the Sutro Library. (additional posts to follow! of course)

And, in case you’re wondering – I know I was, and thegoogles was not super forthcoming, but – J. Paul Leonard was San Francisco State’s president from 1945 and to 1957. During this time the school transformed from an 800 student teachers’ college at a downtown location to a 12,000 student general university at the current 94-acre site near Lake Merced.

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