T-Cut Book and House Card

getting back in the groove of being at the shop, and back into Making Handmade Books. the next thing was a Venetian Blind Book, which needed string, not that there wouldn’t have been something I could have used, but I wasn’t up to looking for and dealing with another Thing so just flagged it and on to the next which only needed paper and folding and cutting – the T-Cut Book, which was one fold one way of the paper and three the other, then, like the title says, a T-Cut – up and across – and then folding up into the book/codex form. I was using a page I’d already printed on, so sides didn’t really matter, but I could see how it would take a bit of planning if there were a particular way you wanted things to show up. Alisa mentioned she had made this structure with a group of kids, and they didn’t think it was a book until it had a cover, so there are directions included for putting a soft cover on, or she says you could do boards.

the next one was the House Card. also one fold one way and three folds the other, but then instead of cutting, a couple additional squash folds to make a house shape! there’s probably a technical term for that type of fold, and also for the type of roof line it ends up to be, but I haven’t figured them out. Alisa mentioned putting signatures in the end sections, and also how to fold it up to make it rectanguloid to fit in an envelope if you were using it as a card card.

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