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woohoo! art in my mailbox. always so fun to see again. yes it’s quite full, isn’t it, but doesn’t seem done, so I take it in to the print shop with me, although with the collage bits it’s pretty thick so I decide not to print on it, thinking maybe I’ll do more collage with something already printed but then the plastic wrap (cling film) that I’d used to store ink looked cool and so I transferred it oh that’s thick gonna take a while to dry so offset onto a couple other pieces of paper more raw material and then looking at the pen work and the words and ohhey there’s a space, which says FOUND although I don’t actually write it there but shape it in to several other spots that’s the thing about hand lettering you can make it fit well you can do that with type too in a way depends on your definition of fit that is, the hand is infinitely variable pen mightier than the sword although I’m not sure why found or what but sometimes it doesn’t matter that’s the thing or a thing with these not that they don’t matter but any one step is just that one step and I have no idea what will come next, since it will be from Yu and so not taking it too seriously or agonizing about what to do or being to attached which is a good reminder for the things I am working on solo as well

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