For some reason soft serve seems to be The Thing in Iceland not that there’s anything wrong with that… but there are also places that sell “ball” (regular/scoopable) ice cream. One of these is Valdís. And – bonus! – apparently the name is a bit of a word play, as it is the wife’s name of the couple who are the owners, plus it can also be read as choose ice cream.

They had a dazzling array of flavors, all of which looked lovely and delicious, but I wanted to try something I might not get at home. Mmmm. Licorice! Oh, black or salted? I tasted both and went with the salted. Yum. WCN went chocolate and why have 2 scoops when for only 150 krona more you can have 3? My sister was going to forego, but ended up getting a scoop of coconut, which I think she was happy to have done.

There is also a Valdís cart at Harpa, I availed myself of on another day. It was closed when I first went by, but open when I went by later. With limited space there were only a half-dozen or so flavors but I managed to find the Danish licorice to enjoy. I wasn’t sure what exactly made it Danish or how that’s different from other licorices, but it was tasty.

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