The Pearl is the fancy, top-level restaurant at this viewspot perched atop geothermal water storage tanks. However, there is also a cafeteria level for the ordinary folks bite with a view, or you don’t even have to eat anything but can just go and enjoy the view deck, which is what we did. We were lucky to have a sunny day – well, there were some big puffy clouds, but we still had great views all around. We could see back to Hafnarfjörður, where we were staying, and over Reykjavík. No picture legends of what we were looking at, but there were compasses showing the direction and distances to things, and Faðir pointed out various sights and locations. Besides the restaurants there was, of course, a gift shop, AND! a geyser fountain. I was leaning over the stair rail a bit to take a picture of the courtyard and it came spouting up! OH! That’s what people were watching for… The hilltop location also has a nice park area, and is a very pleasant spot with good views even before going upstairs.

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