checked my shelf for last week’s prints, and no. what? guess it was a quiet week and no one needed the space – still on the drying racks. cut them long ways for cards (yes that works too) and time for the words pick some metal for the circle and looking at the prints maybe a little more space needs filling some more wood and set up and the wood with the same(ish) ink as last week and the metal with the original green (Pablo Neruda wrote with green ink – he said it was the color of hope) wow on the yellow paper the two colors seem pretty unrelated not quite sure if it works but on the ivory yes I think it does so get enough for the current list of people to thank and plus some more since I’m printing but then at a certain point even though I have more printed sheets I’m kinda done with it, even the printing both at once on the same sheet that is which it turns out they do both fit so I listen to that. done. I can do something else with the other sheets.

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