Fine Print: The Review for the Arts of the Book

Another revelation – so many amazing things out there, seriously – SO.MANY. – this, the journal Fine Print, which had the tagline The Review for the Arts of the Book. Started in 1975, the first issues were eight page black and white newsletters. Over the 15 year run the periodical expanded to include color features and amazing graphic covers. Although based in San Francisco, content was not exclusively West Coast, many of the later issues were international in scope, often focusing on a particular country.

From the Book Club exhibit notes: Fine Print not only provided a showcase for the best in fine press publishing, but attempted to integrate all of the book arts, including calligraphy, bookbinding, papermaking, wood engraving, and type design—the latter increasingly devoted to digitization and computer-generated types—while also offering important articles on the history of the book and creating a space for conversation among writers, scholars, and book artists from around the world.

The display shows a cross-section of issues from the 15 years it was in print. Behind the glass are mostly shown as the cover, but there was also a stack out that could be looked through.

More information about Fine Print here, and an interview with founder Sandy Kirshenbaum by the UC Berkeley Oral History Center (another rabbit hole of amazingness.)

Exhibit through August 1, 2016

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