character building

back in the shop, where was I with alltheprojects but that’s the thing, or a thing about taking a break you don’t/can’t always pick right up where you left off although I do notice that a couple of the brayers on hung wrongways (resting on the roller instead of the frame GAHYOUPEOPLE) so some things never change is that reassuring or disturbing? anyway SO yeah where was I?

cards. right. the/a thing about being a printer is that, since one has the technology, one sometimes feels like one MUST use it to make cards. or maybe that’s just me. and so lots of people to thank, plus a birthday, and there you go. but feeling like something more than just the words of it so get in the misc wood type drawer thinking shapes some kind of no don’t like the word background here hmn maybe base layer and a green can’t remember if that’s straight or something I mixed but let’s lighten it up a bit shall we +lemon yellow and transparent base and print and the ghost and then hey how ’bout different color paper and doesn’t have to be at right angles does it and with the ghost oh re-ink parts of it then off on a tangent with the small bits of shiny paper and never do get to the words but it feels good to be back in front of the press ink type print some things never change

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