(In case you were wondering – yes, there was ice cream.)

First Ice Cream! And, according to Móðir and Faðir, The Best. The Ice Cream Shop. Literally. Ís: ice/ice cream and búðin: shop. It was a dazzling array, so I just asked Móðir what she usually got and had one of those. I think she called it caramel chocolate – that was the dip part. The ice cream – soft serve – was vanilla. Super tasty, sweet and very creamy. Actually got started on it before the dip had hardened, which was good, and even after it did firm up it didn’t seem to be as thick and slightly waxy like Fosters can sometimes be.

There was a big array of toppings, which I think you could get your dip dipped in. Another popular option seemed to be Blizzard like concoctions, with the soft serve blended up with toppings. And there was some sweet decor.

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