there’s a word for that

so, the word is – heh, see what I did there – that there’s going to be some sort of, how did Eric put it? improvisational game of bandied words at the reception tonight, a bit late to it but better nate than lever and somehow from the chore chart or everything but the came the first one, reader’s choice for where or if to break. then found some wood cards and OK maybe that’s SO obvious but something tree related but no but then I open the dictionary and what is the first thing I see but PAGODA TREE who knew and there’s a type face Pagoda in the shop and yes I do

well and then this happens, and since I’m being obvious, pick out from the misc. drawer

which somehow leads to hoot – and that now I could give one. literally. or not. and then it’s off to hoodwink which first face I look at there’s no ‘w’ and then try again but only one ‘o’ and well third time’s the charm..

PLUS! a paper donation from a friend of Lyn’s, oh so many tempting things both colors and patterns and then textures make me wonder about pressure printing with them ohboy

and then the new feature – as if I need something else to look at and be distracted by – the Iota Press rotating book show (well they actually don’t go ’round, but…) there’s been old stuffs and Dada and small books and maybe something else but this week it’s few if any words – visual novels etc. Yum! and oh kinda funny I just realized for a post that started about words…

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One Response to there’s a word for that

  1. judigoldberg says:

    kitchen s ink love the s pace ing

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