three ways know-

out of each of our copies, we all agreed to bind one for the others, that is, I’ll get one by judi and one by katie, and they’ll each get one from me. I’ve actually been thinking of it as 3 Artist Copies, so out of mine there’s one for me too, slightly different from the batch I got done for the Holiday Open House. Meant to finish up the others without going into another year, but guess (three and the first two don’t count) how that went.

katie asking about doing posts on the project for the North Bay Letterpress Arts blog lit the fire again. Of all the so many Thoughts and Ideas they ended up with just a couple additional non-poem pages. don’t let the infinite possibilities get in the way of the being done. OK, maybe a bit of settling in that, but the project, or my energy for it, had pretty much run its course at this point. although I fell back in to the soothing over under and back of tying the knots, and next thing I knew there they were. 3 books. hmn… fore edge tabs??? no. just a little something else? NO. done done DONE.

katie’s thoughts here, and judi here, and mine, which you’ve probably seen if you’ve been following my blog, but of course the revisiting reminded me of the joy of collaboration and what an unexpected bonus the company of the Co-op has been. my tendency is to work alone, and I first took a class at Iota to learn about letterpress to set up my own shop with a hand-me over press from an uncle. one of the things I’ve learned it that there’s so much more to it than a press, and it’s been hard to get motivated to get all that when I have access to a very well-appointed shop. butalso there are the other people. even though I don’t see many of them since they work at other times, I see the work on the drying racks, or hear about it – feel the energy in the shop. they are there in spirit, and even though I mostly work on my own individual projects, there are people there to dialog with and bounce ideas off and remind me that there’s other ways to do things. even, or perhaps especially, those whose approaches and aesthetics are quite different from mine have been a wonderful influence.

and, on a more mundane “lesson learned” note – I’ve had several people ask me who wrote which poems. we – or at least I – didn’t want that to be A Big Thing, the who’s whose, but did want it knowable, so we each picked a symbol, which is printed on our poem pages, and then there’s a legend/colophon inside the back cover. not sure if it’s the placement or the black ink on dark burgundy paper that some people found difficult to read, but note to self perhaps there is such thing as too much subtle.

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