wooden you 2

how it goes once the type is out and printing on one thing there’s the wondering how it would look on other things and I’ve got the stack of disassembling books and so why not OK then here we go

not much left of the atlas but ohhey Argentina and then it’s one of the A volumes of the encyclopedia and should those be capitalized Atlas and Encyclopedia probably not unless specific title like Encyclopedia Britannica but somehow it feels like they should anyway there’s Argentina in the Encyclopedia too

makes me think of Grandma Arnold, she spent time there as a child, her father’s work took the family there, she didn’t talk about it though so I didn’t think to ask only later when her memory started to go she told the story of having a long thick braid and one day going to the barber with her father and getting it cut off. and they just left it there! Her mother, apparently, was none to pleased. She was loosing her grip on the present, but this event was back, clear as a bell. Out of the blue like that it didn’t occur to me to ask more detail, somehow it seemed complete as she told it. Again, the need to know – or what she wanted us to know. I suppose, comparatively, it felt like a lot.

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