twist and brush

The very next book is a Storybook Theatre, and I don’t have a sheet of paper that’s large enough for the main theatre, nor the energy to rescale the curtains so I can use something I have. So I mark the page and continue on.

To the Twist Card. Three folds give you squares and triangles from a rectangle. The instructions say to use two pieces of contrasting paper – I can see how that gives it some added interest – but I also do it with a single sheet that has one side printed and the other not so much and get a similar effect. Could make all sorts of cards or party keepsakes or whatnot with this, it’s also got a sort of pocket you could tuck something into. Fun!

Next is a Brush Book. Which is the first one I can’t make sense of the directions – I feel like I’m following them, but what I have and what the pictures and words are saying on the page are not jiving. If I follow what they seem to be saying, the structure doesn’t stay together. Hmn. After coming back to it and doing some more fiddling I get something that does, sorta. Sometimes it helps to leave something for a while. And not get to hung up on what you think they are trying to say. Although the pictures weren’t completely clear. (to me) Not sure how they could get the detail though. Maybe a little different wording. Anyway, like it says, this does not open completely flat. Not so excited about this one, and I don’t think it’s just the difficulty in making it. Somehow it doesn’t grab me at the moment. But then, not everything will.

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