+ wood to pressure

back at The Shop with another stack of paper – OK not just any paper but printed-on paper from the lovely Pressure Printing class with Macy Chadwick and so let’s see about adding that wood type, shall we? not so much feeling the big wordy thing for this but more the something shape or letter as graphic element (LAGE!) so O! yes, that O, the always a winner sans serif and while I’m in there some punctuation comes out too and then over to the misc drawer, yes there’s one of Those everywhere you go

one of the pressure prints was more angular, and one more round, so I’m thinking something roundish to contrast with the angles and then perhaps more linear to contrast with the round although of course that’s only the starting point and it doesn’t quite go that way in the end (what ever does?) and then ink color blue-purple should go with the blue and the yellow and away I go

start orthogonal to the set up, not that it has to be that way, nor does it stay that way, since I’m on the proof press oh I do so love this and with the inking plate right there and print again without re-inking and again on the same sheet

then another set-up definitely inspired and influenced by the things Eric does and oh I’ll just use the same ink and again once twice and some little bits of thought I suppose about the placement but somehow sometimes the paper seems to know where it wants to be and when I pull it up and see I think wow it looks like I meant to put it there except that I couldn’t have exactly in that spot if I’d wanted to tried to but there it is

so there’s another one of those everything I needed to know about life I learned in the print shop things right – don’t force it – let it be what it is – trust – and then sometimes it isn’t. right, that is, exactly. but it’s not the end of the world. try again.

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