The World of Hedi Kyle: Codex Curios and Bibli-objets

Official exhibit description: Hedi Kyle has been making books for over four decades. Among her accomplishments are: Co­-Founder of the Paper and Book Intensive, Professor at the Master of Fine Arts program at the University of the Arts, Conservator at the American Philosophical Society, and the popularization of many, many unconventional book structures. In complement, but not in contrast to these accomplishments, one of Hedi’s great strengths is her sense of play, of possibility, and of joyful creativity.

This exhibition at San Francisco Center for the Book is a combination of new work, made by her in her studio for this show, and book objects she has created over the years that have influenced so many. It is no exaggeration to expect the experience will be a revelation.

Which indeed it was! As new as I am to the world of book making, I’ve come across her name numerous times, so it was a real treat to get to see her work in person. So many WOW! objects, and things I’d never seen anything like before, and pieces that were a lovely marriage of content and structure enhancing each other. Also super thought-provoking in many ways – use of materials, creative process, and construction details of how things are actually made.

AND!!! Yay in addition to the cases of just to look at with your eyes, there were two Touchable Books areas. Great fun.

through July 17,2016

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1 Response to The World of Hedi Kyle: Codex Curios and Bibli-objets

  1. judigoldberg says:

    i just love what she dares

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