x shorts pants

take two – this time plan for and make a cut in the wrap around of the cover, so that the end page pockets are full width! that’s the thing about actually doing these things, right?! I figure things out.

and so, start at the very beginning… a very good well we’ll just let you continue on with that. or not. Beginning of Making Handmade Books, that would be. The first section is Folded Books. “Ultimately, how you use the form is more important than how complicated it is to make.” Ooo. I like that.

The first book is the X Book. Check. Which I know as Insta-book, and which will always make me think of Maia, who showed it to me. Apparently some people do these things as kids… Wow. Anyway, then there’s the X Book with Pockets.

And… moving along, there’s the Short Book/Ox-Plow Pamphlet. Two folds and one cut!

And a longer version, adding two more folds. Being longer, what else would it be but a Pants Book/Simple Accordion. Ah and yeah, this paper – almost cardstock – is probably a little heavy for this, something a little foldable-er would be nice. But I still get the idea of the structure. Ohand it has some options.

Then an extended dance mix option: Pants Book/Simple Accordion with Tunnel, giving you a diorama structure to play with. I cut the largest triangle first, then the middle size one – with the tunnel open, so it looked the it would go the opposite way, but perhaps my subconscious had accounted for the fold, so it ended up going the “same” way (whoa!) and then for the last triangle I folded up the structure and drew out what I wanted to cut out relative to the two windows I’d already cut. That figuring things out thing again!

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