What Was I Thinking?

New Prints by Rik Olson, at the Graton Gallery.

Rik Olson does amazing linoleum cuts, with a clean graphic sensibility that I particularly enjoy. They are a variety of keenly observed subject matter, distilled to their essence by Rik’s eye for detail and use of the medium. Spare but full of life – a kindness in engaging the world and a sense of whimsy infuses the pieces.

As the featured show, the prints are hung in the front space of the gallery. Several of them are quite large, and it’s great to be able to view them from several distances. The Sail Fish is wonderful, as is St. Dragon and the George. There were also several racks with more unframed prints available for perusal. Of these, Panning for Words grabbed me, as did one of a thistle and another of a dandelion.

Some of the prints are pure black and white, others have the addition of bits of color. I was going back and forth as to which moved me more. The black and white can be super powerful, then I’d see one with color – not huge use of it, but always seemed to be just the right amount, giving the black and white of the whole print a little extra pop.

The gallery is owned and operated by a group of eight artists, so in addition to the featured show in the front there is work from the gallery artists and a rotating selection of guest artists. Wonderful variety of things to look at! There is also an outdoor garden art space.

through May 22, 2016

Also, Rik will have his studio open during the Art at the Source event the first two weekends in June. An excellent opportunity to see his creation space, more of his work, and to meet him.

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