The Art of the Book

Seager Gray presents the 11th annual Art of the Book. An exhibition of book related material including fine press, hand made and altered books featuring new works by gallery favorites as well as some exciting discoveries.

And – 11th annual(!) – finally made it by this year! Not having been before, can’t say how it compares to other years, but it seemed a good mix of the spectrum of books as final product and raw material, and book like objects of various forms. It was neat to see quite a few artists’ names that I recognized among the 24 included in the exhibit.

The first things that captured my eye were sculptural pieces 84 Hours by Sarah Brown and Elemental by Jacqueline Rush Lee. 84 Hours also has a fascinating story behind it, which one doesn’t need to know to appreciate the piece aesthetically, but does add another dimension.

It was also great to see Alisa Golden’s piece Housework in person. She has a wonderful blogher post about the exhibit – and I’d seen a post about the piece, but even the most excellent pictures are never quite the same as the real thing.

Then the exciting discovery for me were Meg Hitchcock‘s luminous text drawings. In some ways very simple looking, yet surprisingly engaging. The arrangement/re-arrangement/re-use of words into powerful forms really caught my attention, both aesthetically and intellectually, and at a distance and close-up. They have a strong, space-filling presence, maybe something of the meditative nature of their creation that the artist mentions seems to emanate from them.

through June 5, 2016

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