pick a card

big stack of cards, and printed pages and maybe someday something will happen with them ha perhaps just in a box as if they were a deck of playing cards or with some other game like pieces but then would they need rules too there are none but you’d better know them still something niggling about bookish is that just because that was the idea at the start hanging on to something past or is it needing some structure no, not completely ordered because then why individual cards, right? but idea/suggestion/possibility of order butandalso with the option of changing.rearranging. what am I trying to say here that is what am I really talking about anyway hmnyeah

so anyway the Woven Accordion from Alisa Golden’s Making Handmade Books had caught my eye, but then my long sheets weren’t quite long enough and I wasn’t up to figuring sizes for maybe a shorter one or how to do it different some way so it would work with what I had yes these last-minute things hmn something else simple OH X book with pockets! and YES I have some lighter weight paper for the inside/folded/pocket part and then heavier for the cover and what do I want to show where and ohhey it fits the cards, although only the middle pockets, since the ends are made smaller because of the wrap-around cover which oh-hmn-duh (later thought) could I cut that so the full width of the pocket is useable? and do I want to? on closer inspection, it would be a bit dicey to try, now that it’s already glued, but could be done if planned for beforehand.

and like every time I do something from here – the Making Handmade Books book I mean – so fun and neat to see how it turns out and learn a little something and think oh I should just start at the beginning and work through, do one a week or something, try them all out. time. yes, there’s that. or the thought that they don’t necessarily relate to what I’m doing at the moment, and makes more sense to find and do the ones that do fit, except then there’s the question of chicken and egg and knowing what’s out there to have options of what might apply and making connections that might not seem obvious at first. and ohyeah the time.

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