something I think I’d like to know, #263

do They still print hard copy encyclopedias?

Even back in the 50s, the Encyclopedia Britannica was discussing the difficulties and dilemmas of keeping the work up-to-date. This set came with my house – one of the things left, in the garage – at one point I was going to make a list of all of them, but it hasn’t happened yet so I should probably let it, and the stuff, go. Anyway, they are well made, nice book objects, but since I didn’t feel any particular attachment to them I didn’t have any qualms about starting to dismantle and print on them. After all, there will always be more encyclopedias, right? Then I started to wonder. Also had the thought that I should have been more systematic about this – think of what I’d learn if I started at the beginning and read it all as I used it. Ha, well there’s the whole retention and recollection part of it. And the time thing. Maybe next life.

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