Gin-iper Ice Cream

so, eating trees reminded me of seeing juniper berries, for sale, in a package in the store!!! which, yes, I know, they could be foraged, although I’m not sure this is the right season for them, and anyway, do you know how much time foraging takes? I mean, I have a day job here already, folks. right. so the package said often used in Eastern European dishes, particularly cabbage ones, I think it was. cabbage, ice cream, whatever. I crushed them, as the package suggested, and steeped them in the dairy following David’s Ginger Ice Cream recipe. It was pretty subtle, might have been better to let it steep longer, or leave them in completely – they are edible, after all. might have been too big of bits/too much of a contrast though. hmn, maybe grind them up. anyway, then I put some gin in, which, even with that the flavor was pretty understated, but the alcohol gave it a nice softness. not super exciting, but fun experiment.

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