Fir Tip Ice Cream

Turns out that trees, in addition to being huggable, are edible! Who knew?! And well OK, it’s just the tips. At least that’s all I’ve eaten. They are surprisingly not like cleaning product or a Christmas Tree – or what I imagine those things would taste like at least. Sure there is some of that (for lack of a better word) piney-ness (evergreen?), but also a bit of citrus and then just a green vegetal thing that made me say oh this would be on some fancyschmancy salad kinda thing. Now that I’m writing this I’m realizing the other thing was I must have been expecting more dry pokey needly feeling, but (duh) been a fresh sprout thing, there was none of that.

Then I’m not remembering if it was one of those lattice of coincidence from one of the food blogs I follow that there was a link to this or this – syrup – as something to do with fir tips or if I just did the googles but then of course once my mind was going on something other than salad you know the rest of the story.

I used David’s Basil Ice Cream recipe, which I’d used for fennelhey it’s another leafy green thing, why not? – but still haven’t actually done as written, with Basil. I’d made a note to grind the greens with the sugar first before adding the cream so one doesn’t get whipped cream, that was a good tip. There’s a bit of lemon zest in the recipe, I kept that since it seemed like it would go with and enhance that aspect of the fir tips.

It turned out nice and creamy, although the flavor was pretty subtle. The lemon is identifiable, but there is something else as well, although I’m not sure that even someone who has eaten fir tips would know that’s what it was if they weren’t told. Looking at it I thought the green bits might seem grainy or otherwise unpleasant but they were not at all.

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