About This Poem

Beauty is complicated, but sometimes joy feels pretty simple:
There is some joy to be had in the language of the poem, so it’s not all irony
As emily dickinson said, “not me but a supposed person”
It is ache-making
Realizing what we have in common is loss

About This Poem
The Poem-a-Day e-mails include an About This Poem, which, during the week, when the poems are by contemporary poets, is a brief discussion of the poem by the poet. Part of me takes exception to this, I mean, shouldn’t the poem stand alone/say everything that is to be said? On the other hand, it can give the work more depth or layer of sometimes unexpected meaning. Then there are times a line in the About will strike me as much or more than a line in the actual poem. Sometimes I jot them down, lord knows where they’ve all gotten to amongst all the random bits of paper I have. The idea to make a poem with them has been bouncing around in my head for a while, finally getting to it, with a few of the ones I could find, now that it’s Poetry Month.


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