April, in addition to being National Poetry Month, is also National Letter Writing Month. Who knew?! Yes, letters. ohuh, do I have to explain what those are? Really. I still write and send them. And I’m not the only one. In fact, there are folks not only doing it, but celebrating and promoting writing letters! Write On is brought to you by letterpress printers Egg Press in Portland, OR and Hello!Lucky in San Francisco, CA. There’s a blog, and reasons to write, if you’re looking for inspiration, and they’re also sending they have sent out kits with a fun zine and letter writing supplies. Sure, as producers of cards they have some stake in the whole writing of letters thing, but of course there’s no requirement that you use any of their product, and I do get a sense of genuine enthusiasm for the whole endeavor. The challenge is to write a letter a day for the month, but no pressure, do however many works for you!

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