time horizon

again in that intarwebz content clustering or detection bias or the universe or The Universe speaking or whatevertheheck, these all showed up around the same time. which, yes, I doubt I’ll be on my death bed wishing I’d mowed the lawn more often, but there is that balance, some balance some where between living in the moment and for today and but also planning preparing working for the future you want to have. that five-year plan, right, which really, five years isn’t what it used to be, so

then I heard part of an interview on the radio the other day, the station faded before I heard who it was, but I got the impression they were involved with sustainable agriculture. anyway, she was talking about goals, and projects, and how her time lines had been maybe a few years, and how that has shifted by at least an order of magnitude, and some of the things are far more long term, beyond her lifetime even. which opens up a whole other kettle of fish – I mean I can see how that scope and scale could be very involving and inspiring, on the other hand it could seem pretty abstract and hard to stay motivated about.

but it’s really the same question – where do you spend your time and energy? the now, or the future, whatever distance that future might be at?

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