Mission Gallery

If you ever find yourself in San Juan Bautista, OK, right, I hear you asking how and why would that happen – well there is a nice mission there – and do you really need a reason? Anyway, so you’re there, or near there, go check out Mission Gallery. I found out about it from Micah Schwaberow, one of the artists represented at the gallery. In addition to Micah’s beautiful work, there’s a treasure trove of other amazing prints. Woodcuts, etchings, mezzotints – some in color! – a grand variety of techniques and subject matter. Almost overwhelming awesomeness. And not just the art itself, but the spirit of the place. The proprietors, Piper and Boykin, are as charming as their names. They are super knowledgeable and excited to share the works in their gallery. Their personal connections and caring for the artists they represent – living artists! – is obvious and heart-warming. “Our goal is to spread the word about printmaking and to support these artists while they’re still with us.” They host openings and demonstrations, and are involved with the community art walks and other events. Lovely people and gallery. Ha! A reason to go to San Juan Bautista!

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