green with

What do you get when you cross poison oak with a four-leaf clover?

still somewhat betwixt AKA where did another week go and I’m back at the shop without a particular Plan although I know somewhere there’s a whole List of Projects that somehow I can’t seem to find or actually don’t really look for since last week I distributed got that oh nice put away feeling clean slate room for something but in the course of the distributing miscellaneous wood type caught my eye the shapes that is just the shapes ma’am

then the color that green undertone in the yellow still on my mind too these threads why not hold on follow them to yellow-green and OK I’ll have to mix something and yellow and just a spot whoa too much no that’s just right actually how did that happen what I was seeingthinking there it is!

printing on mostly other than blank paper some even previously printed by me things look through the stack what about on here and again combinations and book content or collage orandalso there’s poetry next month and so what about having things to print on already I mean already printed on the reaction interaction possibility

A rash of good luck.

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