Vehicles and driving on the brain recently, then on the way home the aftermath of a collision on the other side of the freeway. Emergency vehicles still on scene, a lane blocked, traffic backing up behind it. Amazingly our side did not slow too much.

“Commuting is a team sport,” commented one of my van pool mates. Exactly! I’d never heard it put quite that way, but that really sums it up. We’re all headed the same direction and want to get where we’re going. And yes, sooner rather than later, but if everyone thought about the bigger picture of it rather than only their own hurry we’d all get there more smoothly and quickly.

Hey, let’s help each other out, shall we? The next day the van pool newsletter had this nugget, “According to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), every year roughly 2 million Americans are involved in accidents resulting from a failure to use turn signals. In a study monitoring 12,000 vehicles, 48 percent of drivers were found not to have used signals when changing lanes, while 25 percent neglected to signal when turning.”

Then on my way to the print shop I saw a bumper sticker, which was missing some of the letters, but by interpolation I’m going with “Baby in Car. Back the F*** Off.” Which, so many ways to go with that, but I’ll stick to my original point of it *DING*ing the lightbulb in my head on about why those “Baby on Board” signs have always irritated me. I’d never thought it through before, but with this team idea in my head – that is we’re all in this together – why should you need a sign that you have a baby in your car? Why do I need to be told that? Why would I drive any differently around you regardless of the type/size/age of your passengers? Or is the sign for you? The same question though, why would you drive any differently if you had a baby on board or not?

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