no place like chrome

the chrome yellow bright color something like I’d been thinking but hadn’t quite happened the last time I worked on the erratica page but once it went that way it seemed the right thing for it anyway in that way how things sometimes go but now here’s the color and deadline end of the month so get on it while the gettin’s good and that other idea too the letters the forms but not as carriers of meaning just the visual part and no not going to set something else how can I use this already just part of it yes a cut out a mask so to speak there’s another rabbit hole of showing and hiding what we reveal and how we present it and OH how it dances with the dots! each one a little different don’t know quite what I’ll get riding that line after a few of trying to maybe sorta plan and place and the limits of the geometry of it and the what-the-heckedness just see what comes out and the mask gets moved a bit every time I re-ink anyway and sometimes the bits more recognizable or maybe that’s just because I know what it’s from and now I’ve told you is it distracting and does it matter one way or the other anyway but dang if this page isn’t starting to Be Something … itself that is of course what else would it be?!

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