because yellow

last meeting Eric noted there were lots of full galleys and gave a gentle reminder that the full cycle of a project includes completion that is the sometimes all over but the shouting less exciting part of the distribution and especially for the wood type where not so many letters and the ornaments of only ones and oh you think maybe you aren’t quite done really will print it again but then it’s not in its rightful place for someone else who might want to use and so put it back and if you do decide to print again just get it again

so yes some things to be distributed and yes I really do want to print a few more of these before I do and YELLOW! let’s start with process or maybe it was Pantone and ohhey there is still cocoa brown but anyway that’s not tonight and yes so bright sunny cheery but whoa on light paper yeah maybe that’s a bit much and thinking to verge into orange and maybe end up red but ohyes this chrome yellow they are calling it sure is yummy and not just different color papers but the different already printed things like last week and why not some of the things I printed last week too? because

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