BOOK TALK :: Turning (Prints into) Pages with Macy Chadwick

An event held at San Francisco Center for the Book, sponsored by SFCB and California Society of Printmakers: Macy Chadwick is a book artist and printmaker and proprietress of In Cahoots Press, in Oakland. In this slide talk, Macy will show her prints and books and discuss how they inform each other in creative process. This will be followed by a hands-on demonstration where Macy will print on a Vandercook cylinder press, transform this print into a book and discuss the methodology of this translation.

Which is pretty much what happened! Great talk and demo, and Macy had also brought a selection of her work for hands-on perusal. The event was well attended and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The slides highlighted various projects Macy has worked on over the years, many of them collaborations. She discussed how the distinction between prints and books has blurred over the years, and some recent books can be unfolded and viewed as prints, or other works start as large prints and then get cut down and turned into books.

During the Q&A she talked more about her process, mentioning that she particularly enjoys collaborations. As to content, “I have a vocabulary of shapes, but don’t know where (a particular project) is headed. It causes great anxiety, but keeps me interested.” The involvement, engagement and chance sound like important aspects of the process – working with the press and seeing what happens, then using and responding to that, not just executing a fixed idea. And after all that, “I’m always surprised it looks like my work.”

The demo print was a combination of linoleum with one color and a pressure print with another. Pressure printing was a new to me technique – type high plexiglass or other smooth surface gets inked on the press bed, and a low relief – in this case mylar with cut shapes – is run through behind the sheet of paper. Oh the possibilities! The print was then bookified with a pants fold. Super cool.

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