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Content from judi, and when it gets down to it I might use some of the word(s) of the day as well, always nice to get things out of the stacks and into a something. Although I suppose it’s just a different form of stack. Speaking of, I’ve got a form in my head not sure if it has a name but something to show both sides of the original piece and since there are two of us this back-to-back two fold 3-panel cover as if two books were sharing one side seems appropriate although maybe too literal but then there was also the thought of some sort of shape well not that rectangles aren’t a shape but something with other than ninety degree corners but back to the two in one for two of them going same size could cut the original piece – oh let’s try with some practice paper first – lengthwise or widthwise and then thirds that’s not going to be an even number ok just fold it well I’m not liking the aspect ratio on the widthwise seems too thin guess I could do halves and do a third piece glue in first thought is as the middle panel butofcourse it doesn’t have to be, now does it? and the lengthwise seems a little too long but hey if I fold it into a full accordion I’m liking the size of that and who says I can’t put signatures in each fold or not or as many of them as seems right ohboy

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