BurtoNZ Bakery

As with so many things, I forget exactly how this – BurtoNZ Bakery, that is – got on my radar and how long it’s been there and I haven’t gone. My memory about it was jogged by Patrick and Brenda’s recent trip to New Zealand, on which (among other things), Patrick mentioned the tasty meat pies and bemoaned not being able to get them in the States. Ha! Not so fast with that no where to get them. Oh and one of these silly bike rides we’re going to do goes (almost) right by it. The Universe Has Spoken! Thou shalt ride thy bike mildly inappropriate distance, and get meat pies.

Then, at the last minute Patrick bailed on the ride – some blah blah blah about wedding to go to – so then of course we had to go, just to spite him. That’s how we roll. He tried to make like he didn’t care, “they probably don’t even have Lamingtons.” Which then I really had a Mission.

The bakery is nestled in a strip mall, next to a (not a control) Safeway. Great logo, cute shop, and very friendly and welcoming. It was busy midday, and the couple who are the owners were working the counter alongside one of the employees. They were helpful with those of who had never been in before and had questions about some of the things. Many of the other customers seemed to be regulars. There are awesome looking breads, the savory pies and a case full of sweet treats, including (eat that, Patrick – oh wait, you’re not here) LAMINGTONS! Raspberry or Chocolate!

I was feeling the need for something savory, and went with a Bacon and Egg pie. Apparently the spicy ketchup is mandatory. Usually I can take or leave ketchup, but this definitely turns the pie up to 11. I got a Raspberry Lamington to go, and also a Tam Bar after hearing the cute story about it being a recipe from one of the owner’s mother. After devouring the pie I thought I’d just taste the Lamington, and ended up plowing through that too. The Tam Bar, which is a Magic Bar sort of concoction – shortbread base with chocolate etc sweetness on top – actually did make it all the way back to the finish with me where it then met its fate. All super yummy. The things that other people got were also tasty looking and consumed con much gusto and appreciation. The Rando Seal is on sabbatical, but we can give the Rando (stuffed) Bear of Approval. And it says, “Go there and eat tasty things!”

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