print in progress – judi start – 1

and with the last one off in a new direction judi starts a new one, about the same size 11″ x 17″ ish for those of you playing along at home – I’ve had someone be surprised by the size of things when seen in person – remember the camera adds 10 pounds – they were expecting larger – you know what they say about expectation – but yes I hadn’t thought about it – I’m working with them so they are the size they are and I know what that is but in the photos there’s not usually anything for scale – and it’s a bit creamy-ish the color of the paper that is doesn’t really show in the picture so much and a little nicer maybe more artish paper then the last which is a card/cover stock smooth finish sort of thing oh yes this has a little bit of texture too and a bit of deckle on one edge so ping and pong with type I’ve got set up already so as in so many things new but not completely there’s those common threads and influences and away it goes!

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