print in progress – I start – 20

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I was feeling done with this as a print, at least nothing compelling to add in the current form, although not finished with it, and judi agreed and so in an unusual occurrence of overlapping time in the shop, I cut and she chose a half to be used as cover(s)(ish) for some sort of book(ish) structure of some sort no rules or even guidelines really except there be two that we each make so we can also trade, excellent thought judi! and some content I give her some with no attachment can be folded spindled or mutilated incorporated in any form or shape or not although I’d thinkhope at least something would go in else why provide and she gives me some and off we go back to our respective corners so to speak and see what perk o lates to the party

and so it turns a corner

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left over brown from the dirt poem why change use what’s there and type from another project print on an old book I’m slowly dismantling ah too late to start at the beginning and read it as I go now and then the full moon O I love so much haven’t used that in a while and why not some punctuation. mix in some gold ink no doesn’t change it much does it but looks cool on the roll out oh maybe next time try just pressing the paper on that but didn’t think of it so brayer on the paper and do I really need to be making new things for this but there’s ink and paper and why not?

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