goodbrown. (dirt-est)

originally centered, but going to set in metal that doesn’t seem quite right, nor does left-justified. right? yes. no, not completely. end up with a mix, by well they’re not quite stanzas or verses, but line clusters – thoughts. and the title-ish this adjusted from left until it’s where it needs to be.

then brown, which maybe is literal, but sometimes that’s how things go. as suspected no more of that yummy cocoa brown but what else is there several choices and hey this Culinarian Lt. Brown is intriguing deep dark looking in the can then take a bit out and start to spread it and whoa, RED?! is the palette knife dirty? cleancleanclean. try again. same thing! OK, that is the color, some serious red undertones. tap it out on a piece of paper. yep.

when I print it turns out to be more the deep dark brown, but then I also rolled it on pretty thick. and am final printing on brown paper. the red might show up more with a lighter application and/or different paper.

so then the placement which I look at what’s already there and decide what general area seems like a good spot and then plop down the paper and sometimes it’s oh YES there and others urgh maybe if I could just move it over or up or well I guess I could have printed on a transparency and done mock-ups although still no guarantee I’d hit it on and that’s not what this piece is about so much anyway, that particularness. there’s something to be said for the experiment and letting things happen and hey there’s landscape orientation too, doesn’t all have to be portrait! and nice to finish, although it wasn’t really bothering me that it wasn’t done, it was sorta nice having a side-side project in the wings over these many months, doing a bit here, and there if I needed a little something that wasn’t really anything but after it all of course turns out to be. something, that is.

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