flow control

another go in the river of erratica, things have happened on all the pages, but I’m drawn back to the one I worked on before, which got these and now there’s some text from judi and more lines not sure when/who those came from doesn’t really matter I’m thinking about rhythm and contrast and how to use/manipulate/be inspired by letterforms but not necessarily use them literally and browsing around in the wood type and not quite sure what they are oh as I’m typing this I can see how they might be used in a poster but I’m still not sure what to call them

but they do seem vaguely boatish which seems apropos in this context or maybe a figure or a hair pin and what color use one of my little jars on my shelf can’t remember what started this one but it’s gone through a few iterations no doubt and maybe not as bright as I’d been thinking but roll with it

and horizontal to start or was it vertical but then of course sometimes I’d like it to go the other way and the paper doesn’t fit although sometimes I can curl it up and get it to and so part way through I switch the direction and then like so often happens now that I’ve got it that way some times I want it the other ah… the grass isn’t greener, just brown in different spots

and can’t print just once play with the overlaps and same direction other direction and the edge of the page and OH there’s a second one and with that first thought is opposing directions and hey this could be a fabric pattern and then yeah gotta try it same direction too and one of them makes me think of spines now oh is that the backbone sense or the protective kind ah well maybe they are related

neat to see how it interacts with what’s already on the page and how different the pages can be, even though it’s the same elements that are on each one.

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